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Tips to Improve Your IQ We all want to be a little smarter, know a little more and figure things out a little faster. But with today's innovations and forms of entertainment, it is a little harder to accomplish. However, if you are looking for a way to improve your IQ, know that you are not alone and that there are many things you can do to achieve this. Just like a muscle you want to develop, the brain needs a work out as well if you want your IQ to improve.
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I was definitely one of those who grew up with adults advising me to constantly read. What you may not realize, especially with distractions such as television, reading is a great exercise for your brain. Not only are you able to use your imagination as you go through a story, but you also develop a strong vocabulary. Dictionaries and thesauruses are available online to help you look up a word you are not familiar with. But reading is a definite way to help increase your IQ.
Physical ac…
Living Life the Way You Want - Blank Mind Symptoms: 3 Tips to Help Think for Yourself You can't think for yourself. You ask for others to always answer your questions. You have a blank mind, that you are now willing and ready to fill up with your own thoughts, knowing who you are and what your passions really are.
Symptom #1 - Passions of the Past:
You once had passion about life, family, friends, this amazing world around us. Passion to go to work, do work and be proud of it. But where did the passion go? It's now Passion of the Past.
Tip #1 - Think of your past passions. Write down what they where, how they use to make you feel. Write beside that, how you lost the passion. What was the main factor you lost the passion in that certain area of your life. Now write down, what passions you truly miss and you want to make priority back into your everyday life. What is it going to take to put them back into your life, how can you do it. Say an affirmation two, thre…
How to Improve Your Memory: 8 Tips For Memory Improvement - Stop Forgetting And Start Remembering
Memory improvement isn't as hard to do as you might think it is. A great many of us are forgetful from time to time. It gets frustrating sometimes when we're trying to remember something and it just doesn't seem to come to us or takes a little bit of time before the thought pops up in our head. While it is difficult to deal with at times, most of the time it is not so much that we are losing our memory, but that our minds are overloaded with excessive thoughts all at the same time.
Here are 8 premier tips for memory improvement:

Stay or get healthy by eating a healthy diet and getting daily exercise. You don't have to lift weights or run a marathon, just start walking a little each day.Then try and walk 20 minutes a day for at least 5 days. Eat a plant. Yes, vegetables and fruits as well go a long way in a healthy body and a healthy mind as well. Drink a sufficien…
Google Redirect Virus: How It Can Do Powerful Harm to Your Computer and You The Google Redirect Virus is an abnormal computer virus. It is very hard to eliminate, and most anti-virus programs will not be able to detect its existence on your computer. This specific virus is known as a Trojan Horse or a Browser Hijack Object (BHO). There are presently two variations of this virus infecting computers. One is called the "TDSS" Trojan Horse whilst the other is merely known as the Generic Redirect Virus. This is not a virus you want to infecting your computer.
This virus can be caught through several methods. It can come from downloading videos, screen savers, MP3s, and from illegitimate download websites. A website might appear to be reputable but infects your computer with the virus when you make a download. There is no warning that this virus is going to infect your computer which makes it even much more harmful.
Most computer viruses use a file or an application whic…
Spyware Prevention Tips Has your computer developed a mind of its own? Is your PC sluggish? Think your computer might be infected with spyware? Are you wanting to know how to prevent spyware? Spyware can range from a mere annoyance and downright dangerous; even leading you to having your personal info stolen and becoming a victim of identity theft. It is good to know that there are some definite steps you take to prevent spyware.
First of all, make sure that you have anti-virus software helping protect you from spyware and other malware. Don't forget to keep your anti-virus software up-to-date, to make sure you are protected against the latest spyware and other malicious software.
Second, have your computer protected with anti-keylogger software. More often than you'd like to know spyware is bundled with keystroke loggers; malware that quietly works in the background recording every keystroke and even capturing screen shots. Many people are not aware that anti-virus…
Hackers On The Move: Is My Tablet Vulnerable? The concept on which hacking is done does not change with the tablets since they are also gadgets that run on systems and software which are used in computers. This also translates to the fact that internet security will apply for the tablets as well. Tablet security, like smartphone security, is an area which has been focused on due to the increase in hacker activity directed at these gadgets. The security challenges can now be seen mostly with the operating systems which are used with the gadgets. The operating systems have formed a platform which is getting exploited by hackers just like it has been exploited by the application developers. The platforms have allowed for extensive work by application developers as they go about their trade. Unfortunately, this opening has been exploited by a whole lot of devious people out to steal data and utilize it unfairly to swindle unsuspecting users of the tablets and smart phones.
Keyloggers and How to Defend Yourself This article will discuss the negative impact of keyloggers. While there are many positive uses of this software, I will focus on the negative side, since I am a security consultant.
Keyloggers are simple programs that record keystrokes made on a keyboard. They have legitimate uses, such as parental controls and employee monitoring. But they can also be used for malicious activities, like recording keystrokes from someone logging into their bank account. This particular form of hacking is becoming widespread, and is now considered to be the number one way information is stolen. Keyloggers can be installed virtually undetected. Many perpetrators are using them in ads, so that when a person clicks on the ad, the software installs itself. Another popular way to install a key logger is through email. The email can be worded so enticing that the receiver will open the attachment, thus installing the software unnoticed.
How can a person prote…
Guard Your Browser Against Internet Threats When you are online, the entire worldwide web seems to be watching you. Visit a website and you will start receiving newsletters, promotional emails from a stream of different websites that you never even visited. Other than the website you visited, a number of websites are told about your browsing history and personal details like name, email address etc. without your knowledge and consent. Why does this happen? It happens because of your web browser for which you do not think enough. Since web browser is a medium to connect to the online world, you must secure it. Viruses, Trojans, malware, hackers use your internet browser to peep into your computer. The free internet browser support guide mentioned below will tell you ways to tighten your browser's security.
Download and install the latest security updates and patches for your web browser. To avoid manually doing the updates, turn on the automatic update feat…
Tips for Website Success Are you new to web designing and seeking tips about how things should be crafted, how things work and how to do things the right way? On the contrary, if you are already an expert, you may be seeing tips that refresh your knowledge and strengthen the fact that you are doing things correctly or may be to get in touch with latest trends.
Following are some good, solid tips-suitable for all skill levels- for crafting your website to elicit positive results from your visitors as well as from all major search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. Everyone could use some advice now and then, from the neophyte to the seasoned web veteran.
Content - Content must be unique, interactive and attention grabbing. Secondly, it should be useable and searchable. Content means content. To put it another way: Catch phrases, company slogans, business or personal messages, addresses-if they are supposed to be displayed as text, then display them as text. You shou…
How To Choose A Good Online Storage Site Sharing media online has become more, and more popular as time goes on. Both businesses, and regular people share various bits, and pieces of electronic media with family, friends, co-workers, and clients. There are many places online where you can store your various online materials, but many are expensive, or are difficult to use. The places where you can store online material for free tend to be set up in a way that only others that are members of the site can access the material. Finding an online storage solution that is both free, and easy to use can be rather difficult. Here are a few tips on finding a storage site that is right for you.

Choose one that gives you plenty of storage space from the start. It is very frustrating to find that the basic level of an online storage service does not give you enough to store even the smallest amounts of useful data. Its best to find a site that will give you, at least, 30 GBs of …
Find Out How To Recover Deleted Files

You accidentally press the delete button on an important file and suddenly your heart sinks as you realize that you had just spent all week working on it. While it is very easy to panic in these situations, there is actually a pretty good chance that you can still recover the file. Read more to find out how to recover deleted files.
How files get "deleted"
Many people make the mistake of believing that erased data gets completely removed from a computer hard drive. However, whenever a file is deleted all that happens is that the operating system marks the space that the file once occupied as free space so that new data can overwrite it.
How to recover permanently deleted files
If you delete a file, then you can easily recover it by checking your Recycle Bin, locating the file you need and dragging it to an appropriate folder to recover it. If that does not work then go to your Start Menu, go to the Control Panel and cli…
How to Easily Approach and Circumvent Data Block Corruptions in Oracle Corruption manifests itself in an Oracle database in primarily two forms. An Oracle data block may contain an invalid header or the contents of the block could be logically inconsistent. In both the above cases, you might face terrible loss of information, including application and user data, Oracle control information, etc. Oracle provides you a comprehensive list of solutions to deal with such instances. You can configure different parameters ('DB_BLOCK_CHECKING', 'DB_BLOCK_CHECKSUM', etc.) on your database to detect corruption. The Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) enables you to implement a database backup and recovery plan. However, if these methods fail to work, you can use third-party Oracle recovery software to recover your lost or damaged database objects.
For instance, when you start Oracle, you may receive the following error:
'ORA-01092: ORACLE Instance terminated. Disc…
Hard Drive Failure Recovery: Three Key User Mistakes Believe it or not, if you find yourself with a damaged hard drive and you fear that your data could be all but lost, don't worry: this is a lot more common of a circumstance than you might think.
Yes, everybody has critical files that they just won't be able to operate without: that key report that your boss needed from you yesterday, those important accounting files that mean the difference between an IRS audit and clear sailing, or maybe just those family photos that are so important to you. I don't think we have to talk about the important e-mails, your event calendar or all of the many other things that are currently stored on your now failed hard drive. But there is no need to worry, because hard drive failure recovery is always available.
But if there is a place you do not want to be, is in the shoes of a person who attempts to recover their failed hard drive on their own. What this can do is take a mino…
How Can I Use QR Codes? There is little doubt that you have seen the peculiar new "bar codes" appearing on packages, advertisements, and even in the newspaper. Just what are these and how do you use them?
These codes were originally designed by the Denso Wave company (part of Toyota) for tracking shipments across the world. However, since smartphones are now extremely common, they are being used for marketing purposes. A specialized program on a smartphone (such as an iPhone or Android-powered device) can take a picture of the code using its built-in camera, then decode the message it contains. These codes often contain a full web site address, which is automatically opened in the phone's web browser. For example, scanning the QR code on a box of cereal may take you to the manufacturer's web site, where you can learn more about their products, get coupons, etc.
In order to read these codes, you'll need a smartphone with a camera, and the proper softwar…
How Does Using Adobe After Effects Improve Your Video? Those who need video editing software may want to look into Adobe After Effects training. This is a powerful video editing software that is filled with features that can take your videos and give them a level of depth that goes beyond basic editing. In fact, the one things that this software won't do is the basic cut and paste jobs that other software does.
One thing you can do with this video editing software is to create a realistic background for your environments. With the use of a green screen and little understanding from Adobe After Effects training. You can place your actors in most any environment you want to. This can help you to reduce the costs of production and avoid your feature film from appearing to be done against a green screen.
This means that composition of your videos can be handled effectively as well. You can go into the film and fix color, shadows and everything you need until the enti…
Explaining Websites and Blogs - Which Will Work Best for You?So You Think You Need a Presence on the Internet
Well you are not alone. According to Reuters News Service there are about 550 Billion websites populating the Internet. While search engine giant Google may have as many as 1.3 billion indexed in their database, this is actually a number they chose to keep secret.
Websites serve a multitude of purposes-they may carry late, breaking news, today and maybe tomorrow's weather, health information covering what causes pimples to how cancer is treated, or perhaps the latest family photos from a couple living in New Zealand. Regardless of a website's purpose, their creators, known as webmasters, may choose one of two delivery formats: a website or a blog.
What is a Website
In the true sense of the word, what we refer to as a website today is a connected group of pages posted to the World Wide Web that is regarded as a single publication, which is usually maintaine…