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Living Life the Way You Want - Blank Mind Symptoms: 3 Tips to Help Think for Yourself

You can't think for yourself. You ask for others to always answer your questions. You have a blank mind, that you are now willing and ready to fill up with your own thoughts, knowing who you are and what your passions really are.
Symptom #1 - Passions of the Past:
You once had passion about life, family, friends, this amazing world around us. Passion to go to work, do work and be proud of it. But where did the passion go? It's now Passion of the Past.
Tip #1 - Think of your past passions. Write down what they where, how they use to make you feel. Write beside that, how you lost the passion. What was the main factor you lost the passion in that certain area of your life. Now write down, what passions you truly miss and you want to make priority back into your everyday life. What is it going to take to put them back into your life, how can you do it. Say an affirmation two, three times a day. It takes time to heal the wounds, so be patient. An example could sound like "I will live with passion everyday, every minute of my life, I accept my new Passion health (what you are changing in life)." You can retrain your thought so your Passions are Present.
Symptom #2 - Gut instinct begone:
You all know what Gut instinct is? When you are doing something, going somewhere, have a decision to make. And you have "A Feeling inside" what is right or wrong. That's your Gut instinct clicking in. That's how it should be when faced with certain situations in life. This helps guide us all. Lately, your Gut instinct is gone. You can't feel that feeling inside anymore. You go with the flow and follow others, do what's best for others thoughts and not yours.
Tip #2 - Get the Gutstinct back:
Yes, I said Gutstinct. You really need to clear your thoughts that may be swirling around your head like a whirlpool. Get rid of the thoughts that don't need to be used in your mind at this time. If you can close your eyes, take calming breaths to help you relax and focus on what your need go your gutstinct can click in. Some people like quiet to help them, sometimes we don't have a choice. But you can practice with simple things to get you moving. When your ready, focus on what you feel inside, what is your inside telling you. Which way is it leading you. This is your gut instinct. Remember, just because it's your gut instinct, does not mean that at that time it is wright. But there is a purpose from either the past, present or in the future why you choose your gut instinct. There is a purpose for everything. Go use what was given to you.
Symptom #3 - Loss of Personal Identity:
I'm not talking like someone else stealing your identity from banking, internet or other sources like that. I'm talking about, you lost your own personal identity. You had a change in your life and when that transaction happened, you followed with it and your left yourself behind. A big one for women is extending her family by having children. For men, it's as simple as leaving home or starting a new job or relationship. Why do we do this to ourselves? Some people takes years to realize this. I know when I had kids it took me years to figure it out myself. But what a feeling when you have control of your Personal identity again.
Tip #3- I Own My Personal Identity Again:
So where did it go? Look at pictures and think of the past, when you knew who you where and where you were going. Make a list of what make you feel good. What group of people complimented you and boosted your self-esteem. Take a look at who you wrote down. Place a check mark of who are still in your life on a regular basis that are on that list. Do you even have on check marks. This could be part of the symptom. If they are the same people, look and write down how they have changed and how it has affected you? You will find that with the people you place in your life, how they live, act and treat life, will have a huge impression on your life and your personal identity.
Other way to help regain your Personal Identity, accept who you are now, so that you can now move forward to the person you want to be. Start, with getting a hair cut. A hair cut goes a long way.
Get these 3 symptoms cleared up and you will notice the change, the pen will be in your hands for good.

Affirmations are a great way to re-train your mind in all aspects of your life. Repeat them daily. You need to act on those affirmations and step by step you will notice change. Books and audio are helpful to with mind power to retrain yourself.

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