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Tips for Website Success

Are you new to web designing and seeking tips about how things should be crafted, how things work and how to do things the right way? On the contrary, if you are already an expert, you may be seeing tips that refresh your knowledge and strengthen the fact that you are doing things correctly or may be to get in touch with latest trends.
Following are some good, solid tips-suitable for all skill levels- for crafting your website to elicit positive results from your visitors as well as from all major search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. Everyone could use some advice now and then, from the neophyte to the seasoned web veteran.
Content - Content must be unique, interactive and attention grabbing. Secondly, it should be useable and searchable. Content means content. To put it another way: Catch phrases, company slogans, business or personal messages, addresses-if they are supposed to be displayed as text, then display them as text. You should not embed text in images. It is under stable that it may look cool when you create it in Photoshop but search engine cannot read text in images. You can add style to your text and leave it visible to search engine by learning how to use style sheets.
View your website as a visitor - You must have visited websites to buy things, look at things or to research something. Sometimes you must have found things easily and sometimes you must have experienced the hassle of searching. Use that knowledge to your advantage and make sure that your website would be free from all those hassles.
Use keywords in page titles and description - It is recommended to use keywords in page title and description.
Create internal links - It is recommended to created internal links as they are equally important as external links. It will also help you to keep the visitors on your website for a longer period time as it will help them to explore other parts of your website.
Build a foundation for your website - This tip relates to website structure and organization and it is often tends to be overlooked. Think of the three-click rule- it should not take a visitor more than three to find the information he is looking for. Now, carry that over to how a website is organized from a folder and sub-folder standpoint. It would be easy for search engine to find the pages on a site, if pages are closer to the root of a site.
Use dashes in page names - It is often observed that people separate the words with underscore which is seen as a single term by search engine for example it is highly recommended to dashes as clear separations of words because search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing process words separated by dashes as completely separate terms. For example:
I hope above mentioned tips would be helpful for you to create a successful website and you would not repeat those common mistakes which website owner mostly over look.

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