Sunday, April 15, 2012

Explaining Websites and Blogs - Which Will Work Best for You?

So You Think You Need a Presence on the Internet
Well you are not alone. According to Reuters News Service there are about 550 Billion websites populating the Internet. While search engine giant Google may have as many as 1.3 billion indexed in their database, this is actually a number they chose to keep secret.
Websites serve a multitude of purposes-they may carry late, breaking news, today and maybe tomorrow's weather, health information covering what causes pimples to how cancer is treated, or perhaps the latest family photos from a couple living in New Zealand. Regardless of a website's purpose, their creators, known as webmasters, may choose one of two delivery formats: a website or a blog.
What is a Website
In the true sense of the word, what we refer to as a website today is a connected group of pages posted to the World Wide Web that is regarded as a single publication, which is usually maintained by one individual (webmaster) or perhaps by a business or organization. Many websites are devoted to a single topic or even a number of closely related topics or themes. The news of the day is an example and so are health matters.
From a technical standpoint, a website is a static collection of written content and illustrations in what amounts to a fixed format. A website is constructed using hypertext markup language (HTML). This is a code that when viewed-looks like a bunch of gibberish. By fixed format, I mean once the website is constructed, it is often a bit complicated to change its appearance.
Websites are most often built using an HTML editor. For the right price, this editor may be purchased as part of a complete software package or website builder. I bought one of these after trying unsuccessfully to use the site builder offered free as part of my first website hosting account (more on hosting later). My personal experience in building websites was an exercise in futility and I built two of the ugliest sites on the Web. Blogs are most often thought of as a website that posts short articles on any topic conceivable and readers are able to go on the site and post comments. Pretty cool...right!
What is a Blog
The term BLOG is a short for WEB LOG. I started off using Google's Blogger, and at one point in time I built and published nearly 50 free Blogger blogs. All of this was in pursuit of establishing a part time business as an Internet marketer. I was thrilled with this uncomplicated format since I considered myself as "Digitally Challenged." I was and am still am not a techno-geek.
About a year ago I decided to take the plunge and dump the two websites I struggled to build, publish and maintain. I replaced them with blogs that have made life so much more pleasurable for me.
My first blog away from the Blogger scenario was a free blog hosted by WordPress. This was a life-changing experience for me. I only published that one WordPress blog hosted by WordPress, since this blog creator does not permit their hosted blogs to carry any commercial messages. But I developed a love affair for WordPress blogs so I bought a new web hosting account-one which specialized in presenting WordPress blogs to the World Wide Web. So far I have built and published more than two dozen WordPress blogs, and I am proud to say that I have yet to contact WordPress for any technical support.
While many of my blogs have a commercial purpose, I am providing valuable information to people searching the Internet for an answer to a problem. And I'm having a ball with blogging and I even make a few dollars too.
What is Web Hosting
My first commitment to a web host was very unrewarding. Many of the technical problems went unanswered because their tech support people seem to be preoccupied with other matters. It was next unto impossible to get them on the phone and it took several days to get an email reply. My new host is just the opposite. I call and a human being, speaking plain English, answers after a few rings. I never have waited on hold for more than five minutes.
If you are considering a website for your business or pleasure, I strongly recommend a blog. My web host installs my new blogs on my account via their cPanel, which is a must-have service for blogging. All this takes seconds and my blog is in place. It takes longer for me to buy a domain name (the web address) because I may have to make several attempts to get the domain name I need. Domain names are one-of-a-kind. Say you want the domain name,, Of course this domain is taken so I try something like, or something similar.

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