Thursday, April 26, 2012

Google Redirect Virus: How It Can Do Powerful Harm to Your Computer and You

The Google Redirect Virus is an abnormal computer virus. It is very hard to eliminate, and most anti-virus programs will not be able to detect its existence on your computer. This specific virus is known as a Trojan Horse or a Browser Hijack Object (BHO). There are presently two variations of this virus infecting computers. One is called the "TDSS" Trojan Horse whilst the other is merely known as the Generic Redirect Virus. This is not a virus you want to infecting your computer.
This virus can be caught through several methods. It can come from downloading videos, screen savers, MP3s, and from illegitimate download websites. A website might appear to be reputable but infects your computer with the virus when you make a download. There is no warning that this virus is going to infect your computer which makes it even much more harmful.
Most computer viruses use a file or an application which runs on your computer constantly. Antivirus software program can detect most of these programs and files and eliminate them prior to them becoming dangerous to your computer. This is a different kind of virus. Instead of installing something on your computer, it changes some of your computer's web browser files then disappears.
Indicators You Have the Google Redirect Virus:
You do searches on the internet and land on completely unrelated websites.
Your internet searches result in a variety of pop-up windows and ads.
Your desktop background has been changed.
Virus elimination websites are blocked.
Your homepage has been modified, and you are can't change it.
Your Windows HOSTS file has been altered.
Your web browsers are noticeably slower when loading pages.
Dangers From from this Virus:
As said before, this is a very harmful virus. Not only will it redirect you to websites which you didn't search for, but it will also take you to destructive websites. The virus is also able to disable security programs and activated firewalls which maintain your computer and its contents safety.
With out these safety measures in place, hackers can have access to your personal information stored on your computer such as passwords and usernames. Your personal financial records can sometimes be accessed as well.
What To Do If You Have the Virus
It is essential that you discover you have this virus as soon as possible so that you can remove it. Removal of this virus is not an easy job. You won't be able to use the antivirus software program you have on your computer to eliminate the virus as it won't function to rid your computer of this virus. There is no particular file or application to eliminate. This virus has buried itself into your computer, and you're going to require specific software program to eliminate it.
There are several methods for eliminating the virus, but not all of them are reliable. You want to make certain that you select a removal technique which you know is going to get the job done. You don't want to eliminate a part of the virus or mask it. You want to completely eliminate it forever.

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