Saturday, April 21, 2012

How To Choose A Good Online Storage Site

Sharing media online has become more, and more popular as time goes on. Both businesses, and regular people share various bits, and pieces of electronic media with family, friends, co-workers, and clients. There are many places online where you can store your various online materials, but many are expensive, or are difficult to use. The places where you can store online material for free tend to be set up in a way that only others that are members of the site can access the material. Finding an online storage solution that is both free, and easy to use can be rather difficult. Here are a few tips on finding a storage site that is right for you.

  • Choose one that gives you plenty of storage space from the start. It is very frustrating to find that the basic level of an online storage service does not give you enough to store even the smallest amounts of useful data. Its best to find a site that will give you, at least, 30 GBs of storage space. This is enough to house a small website.

  • Make sure that your storage space can be upgraded. Not every online storage site offers an upgrade on their storage space. Be sure to know ahead of time whether or not the online storage site that you are considering using has the ability to give your more storage space if you need it.

  • Make sure the customer service department will be available when you need them. Some sites offer 24/7 customer service while others have specific business hours. Check to make sure that the customer service department would be available if you needed them.

  • Be sure they have applications that you can use. Having an easy to use graphic user interface can make it much easier for you to upload your data to an online storage site.

  • Check to see if syncing with electronic devices is available. Most people store important information on their PDA, or cell phone. Check to see if it is possible to easily upload data from your electronic devices to your online storage account.

  • Price should not be the only factor in your final decision. There are many reputable free services that offer online storage that should be checked out. Just be sure that the free services also give you the option of upgrading to a bigger service if the need should arise.

These are a few tips to keep in mind when looking for a good online storage site. If you shop around, and take the time to make a list of the various features that are important to you, you will easily be able to find a solution that is right for you.

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