Friday, February 6, 2015

Hide Files or Folders Using Command Prompt

Hide Files or Folders Using Command Prompt
This is my second instructable. This one is totally different from my previous post...

In this esteemed instructable i'll be guiding you to hide a folder by using cmd.. Even the folder option method won't be able to track the hidden folder

You'll need
1. Windows based operating system

Step 1: Run Command Prompt and Basic Text Commands

There are several methods to run cmd.. Some of them are listed below

1. Start -> Run -> Cmd
2. Starrt -> Program Files -> Accessories - > Command Prompt

Command Prompt is a newer version of Dos and other os similar to that.. In order to fulfill your needs to hide a folder you must atleast know some basic commands ...

Cd - navigates through a folder
Md - creates a folder
Dir - Directory list
Attrib - provides with various attrib features

Step 2: Hide d targeted folder

Alright, it's time to hide the folder

Presuming that I have a folder named Secret in F:\ Drive
Here are the steps to do

First of all navigate through the drive u want...
type in c:

or whatever ... depends upon where your folder is actually located..

Type in cd and then the folder's name to hide a folder within another folder

Now type in Attrib +h +s +r and the folder's name
here's the format

Attrib +h +s +r secret                           (Note: Secret refers to the folder to be hidden)

The folder is hidden and noone can access the folder but u..

Now if u want to view the folder
reverse the process
instead of   Attrib +h +s +r secret  type in
Attrib -h -s -r secret

Step 3: Instant Access to the folder

Here's a cool tip to access the folder even while the folder is hidden...

Open My Computer and type in      f:\secret

Cool Right?

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