Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Android M and Android L

Its Battery life
First thing in this context to discuss is the battery life of our mobile phones with new OS Marshamallow. Some Google reports reveals that there will be 3x better battery life with Marshamallow as compared to Lollipop. So we guess we will now face battery problems with this version.

Its Speed
This new test puts Nexus 6 running on Android Marshamallow and compares it against the boot up time of Lollipop on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. A very new video gives a peek at the speed of the operating system when compared to Lollipop. So the Marshmallow would be very fast as compared to other previous versions.
Whenever a new operating system version is released, the first comparisons are always made against its predecessor.  Nexus devices are of course always the first few to receive the Android updates, but Galaxy S6 Edge won’t take too long to receive Android 6.0 Marshamallow as well.

1- Android Marshmallow & Android Lollipop: App Drawer

The first key difference between Android Marshmallow & Android Lollipop is the app drawer. Android Marshmallow will make it easy for the users to find their required app easily. There is a bar at the top which contain user’s 4 frequently used apps. Now user will not have to find his frequently used apps again and again because it will be there in the front all the time. This option is not available in Android Lollipop.
There is also a search bar at the top right corner. All Apps are listed vertically in an alphabetical order and there is a letter before each section.

2-Android Marshmallow & Android Lollipop: Volume Controls

Android Marshmallow will come up with the new simplified volume controls. In Android Lollipop users have to tap volume up and volume down to change the volume but in Android Marshmallow there is a drop down options which appears and let users to change the volume for notification, system volume and alarm. These volume controls will allow users to individually set the volume for apps, music, and alarms.

3-Android Marshmallow & Android Lollipop: RAM Manager

Although in Android Lollipop users can see the total amount RAM and as well as the RAM each app uses in detail. But Android Marshmallow will bring a change in RAM manager now users can see which app is slowing the device and which app is using minimum, average and maximum amount of RAM.

4-Android Marshmallow & Android Lollipop: Security

Android Marshmallow will also come up with the advanced security option i.e “Biometric Fingerprint support”. User can unlock the device with fingerprints and also can make purchases from Google Play store. If user want then device can only be unlocked by fingerprints. Whereas this option is not available in Android Lollipop.

5-Android Marshmallow & Android Lollipop: Status Bar

In Android Lollipop there are some icons that remain active in the notification bar all the time and which irritate the users. Whereas Android Marshmallow has come with the solution, now users can remove any unnecessary icons from status bar through system tuner.

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